Dial down on Biweekly Missions

The biweekly missions are so hard that they are not any fun. Anyone else agree?

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They aren’t hard

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I felt the same as you when I first tried it, now It’s quite easy like Unown said except for a few hard ones that need a bit more thinking. 80-100% can be done on first try usually. Just keep playing the game and keep doing the event and it will get better!

When I first tried these missions I was pretty much lost. How can someone beat those?? I thought. They are “hard” if you’re beginner and you don’t know how most mons work or how they can work together. Sure, sometimes it’s all up to rng but that is also a bit part of the challenge.

Other than that, these missions can usually be cleared pretty fast if you sit down and think a little.

I haven’t done any so if you have a particular one causing you trouble then write it here and I’ll let you know how I manage it.

im stuck on all of them

The one right in the middle (3-2) I can’t do. If someone could give tips for that I would be very grateful!

@Lightjump Sorry I can’t remember what they’re like right now. Please share a screenshot of the team you get to play with and the enemy front line then maybe we can give you some tips on how to beat it.

Did biweekly on 2 accounts.
Can you show screenshots ??

@Killerdog bro every last one that is white lol. And i definetley cant do red ones.

yes one sec @MonkeyDluffy also i have been playing for about a month lol.

started during 3rd anniversary on episode vIII and im stuck there to.

best legends are trikdhan, noxdragon, warca, and chronotitan

1-1 1-1 1-2- 1-2 1-3 1-3- 1-4- 1-4 1-5 1-5-

You have about 23 minutes before this week biweekly ends ,

1st pic ,
Stun pulse to choco & kill it with Zeus timestrike double ,
Targeting drako & Delugazar,
Cyclo kills choco,
Zhulong will kill all 4 if your with link Sneak all ,
You can use atra & stun them with incoming shocker.

2nd pic
Skip with abyss,
Nereida vile rages abyss, and blast ,
Then keep at it, you’ll have to figure this out when you are in heat of battle.

3rd pic
You’ll have to hope stratus one on one lands on yellow flutter,
Or in your case as gear is awake , use instant repulse to send aegis & stratus back in reinforcements .
And keep gear alive , it will carry you to promise land.

4th pic
Kill raizen with Delugazar , swift chorno killer, then target cobra & Zeus with double thirst, make atleast 4-5 kills with double thirst & dont let that puff ball make clones ,

5th pic
Use aoe of bb to stop gyomurai from using overconfident strike,
Then link TT of Midas & kill tagosenshi with stealthbane. & Kill that pumpkin se, before it gets its turn.

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+1 week :wink:

Great tips above! How did you guys manage to do this one?

Oh, I thought it might be today :joy:anyway one more week then.

In this case,
Ooo landed on fire dog, so I killed 2-3 before that dog died.
And loch & wraith were very important.
If it lands in blue dog then I guess switch friend , sending cryo back .

Also tesca came in clutch at times …

This was very hard for me. I Switched Stormloch for Shiva (with the blue dog). I think the key is to be lucky enough to set up a sleep lock with Wraith

I didn’t notice Shivadragon was at the back. This is key! Just managed to go do it by switching in Shiva for Cryo as you said. Got a couple of kills with the fire dog and used all the sleep to make crescendo strike very strong. I had Shiva, Loch and 2x Wraithcaptain on the field for most of the fight… that gave me enough to sleep lock and take out annoying monsters like the Angelion with crescendo strike or bloodthirst from Stormloch.


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Yeah, it was a very annoying fight. The start is just RNG at it’s finest. Had to restart the battle a couple of times. After getting the sleep lock out, it all was manageable but still no that easy.

do you have to clear all the bi weekly missions including the yellow to get awards. cause i dont have the monsters for that

You get rewards by getting a certain number done in total. Go take a look in the rewards section of biweekly. In order to get biweekly done for achievements you must do all 15, then it counts as you completing it one time (collecting all the rewards triggers it).

cool, thanks i have another question on all of the second line to

When I started, those biweekly missions seemed impossible to me… but now I can get them all done in 1 or 2 tries… u just got to know whatever the enemy team be, each monster in your team is given for a certain purpose , even to the extent of sacrificing a few to score a win !
Keep trying , read those skill info … Helps a ton…!!