Questions about Newcomer's 14 days mission

Is 14 days mission very difficult for Newcomer?

Maybe because I’m a newcomer, the recognition of the opponent’s character skills is greatly low, so I don’t know what kind of attack is the best I can do. Do you have any tips for this mission?

It’s natural that I can’t clear the yellow battle icon mission, but I tried it because it looks like I can clear the white battle icon mission, but it wasn’t easy.
I’m asking because even if i search the forum, i cannot found information about that.

Hi, I started the game a long time ago so I’m not sure what these missions are you’re talking about. Could you share a screenshot of them?


In English, it’s called Biweekly missi

oh. ye these missions come every 2 weeks and are known to be quite challenging even for some experienced players.

if im not mistaken @LDN_TiO_OoO does youtube videos on these but i could be confusing them with someone else.

i will say that since these missions cost nothing to enter they are quite good for learning movesets and how opponents act in certain situations.

they can always be beaten however some are trickier than others.

i would suggest playing through these battles a few times to try and work them out. some are also based on the RNG of what monsters get hit first so sometimes defeat is inevitable.


Ah, the youtuber haven’t uploaded a video about the solution for this season yet, nevertheless what you told me was really good information, thank you!

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The biweekly missions are definitely something that requires knowing the monster movesets. That’s actually the whole point of this event… to help you learn the movesets! You can click on the monsters on the time bar and read the moves of them all. As Eklypz says, you can replay them without any cost as many times as you like so you can figure out how to win.

Some of the battles can be very tricky so don’t stress too much if you can’t figure it out after 5+ attempts, just skip it. Over time you’ll find they’re a good thing to do for learning how to play with the monsters you don’t own.

Biweekly is a great way to measure your skills and monster knowledge. When you manage to beat the event regularly, you have pretty much learned how the game and monsters work. Also, it’s a great place to see what strategies other players use and what to aim for when building your team. Pay attention to stun immune/stun absorber monster placement, that one is an important thing to learn!