Devs Ruining strategy

this new scoring system is a joke.

it completely ruins well thought out strategy in favour of people spamming death revenge passives and maggatsuoh blight bomb combos.

as someone who usually takes 10 minutes+ per battle due to using sleeplock and death sentence/bomb - this is unfair.

the event is my favourite because i like the feeling of crushing those braindead DR/Maggatsuoh strats - now i have to do so at an even further disadvantage.

UC needed a change to its scoring system. making it another time attack was not the solution. though thanks for making something to make ties harder to come by.


don’t forget it’s the next juicy reward event next to whales treasure

With the way things are going, they’re probably thinking to change current events instead of creating new and improved ones. Smdh :unamused:! I’m not a fan of it myself

It’s called speedrunning

@EMI_Eklypz You’ve misread how it works.

  • For levels 1-2000 nothing is different.

  • Levels 2001+ the score you get will still be based on the difficulty chosen, as before.

  • This other score being added on is purely the small numbers (the last 3 digits). It does not accumulate or anything, it’s simply there to separate ties if people have defeated the same level of difficulty.

  • Hence, the only time it matters is for the VERY FINAL battle you complete in the event and ONLY IF you happen to tie with someone else on the leaderboard. In the case of a tie like this, whoever did the final battle faster will get a higher score and be in front on the leaderboard.

So really all this does is help break tiebreaks in the top 10 on the leaderboard. People can, if they see they will tie, do the final battle as fast as possible to try and be ahead of the other person. Previously it was total RNG whether you happened to be matched with a “tougher opponent” that gave you more score than the other person.


@Dev_VKC Thank you SOOOOO much for doing this! Last UC I said I wouldn’t compete for 1st again unless some change was made. I think this is enough to make me try again. It’s not quite what I hoped, but it does deal with the tie breaks quite nicely. We still have the problem of 1st being decided by who gets literally 1 or 2 losses, which isn’t much to distinguish between the players. However, I’ll moan about that another time if we get more people able to compete at that level.

My one small worry is that because we play at 3x speed it might be hard to do battles in under 10 minutes to actually get some score bonus. We might need it at, say, 30 minutes and counting down from 900 every 2 seconds to nicely separate people. If multiple people take 10+ minutes right now it will cause another tie.


Go away!
Take ur Brynnhilder and shove off! XD

Git gud and beat it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for the feedback guys.

I am sorry the information may not be super clear. We change the mechanics entirely for the level after 2000.

  • The battle time bonus will accumulate in your score each time, not only the last battle of the event.
  • The battle time bonus is based on the real time seconds. For example, if you leave your game on and do other stuff, you are losing your battle time bonus. It is also different from the way the clock in Time Attack event works. It only cares how long you take to finish the battle, so 3X speed is optimal.

Based on our last UC result, 80% of the level 2000+ battles were completed within 10 minutes. Average battle time for 1 battle is around 7 minutes. I believe 600 will be a good start.

This change is our first attempt to make UC more skill-based for top rankers, we understand that not all the players will like this change :neutral_face: Any feedback is welcome!


Thanks for clarifying!

The one bit that still isn’t clear to me… the +600 score that’s possible from each battle, will that carry over with each new battle?
E.g. If I was at lvl 2001 then did 10 battles (to 2201) and did them all in 0 seconds would my score be 2201600 or 2207000?

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I hope I’m wrong, but I feel that Magga will only be seen at levels above 2000… His mechanic makes battles faster, knowing this, the use of monsters above 2000 points was limited too much I think…

Another option would be that there are monster limitations like in PvP, to make things more complicated for the players.

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Very interesting, thanks!

I don’t think it’s quite that extreme. Let’s assume you’re taking 10+ minutes for every battle and someone using Maggatsuoh is taking 1 minute for every battle. They’re getting +500 score compared to you each time. They’ll need to do that for 40 battles before they get +1 win compared to you. We get something like 34 battles after lvl 2000 so it won’t be possible to go +1 win ahead.

So all it really does is settle a tie between two people, giving the position to the player with the faster strategy/gameplay. What people should do is use the team of theirs which has the highest win rate, because NOT LOSING is the most important thing.

I definitely will not switch to a Maggatsuoh team unless I’m at 0 losses and so are other people when I reach lvl 2000. It’s not worth the risk unless you know it may be the thing that decides if you beat them.

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As first UC with the new system was not bad, did not manage to reach top 10 tough (I couldn’t play all tickets for working issues, and lost some battles for bad decision making).

My first impression on UC with awoken Mechangelion are absolutely positive, he is a reliable sweeper in frontline and great on the back of the team when reborn by Auro.
If it was designed to be a top players in UC well I can say he is.

I wanted to know though your thoughts on fighting against my Mechangelion, was it hard to take down? Or easy to deal with?

Never saw a single one in this UC lol

I runned him.

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I faced it

i never faced it. i was running a team with no mirrors and no death/petrify revenges to see how far i could get.

i missed approximately 7 tokens and felt like i met every Timberlord team in existence but somehow still managed to edge my way past 2000 so i am very happy with my result. probably going to take it seriously next time.

also i did get a score once XD -

not bad for a Doomengine team!


Gratz man! Really good team! I faced you.

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My highest score this time was 508 points. The lowest score was 6 (although I stopped for another errand). The average is about 430 points, so it takes less than 3 minutes per token.

Originally, Maggatsuoh’s FL was the result of pursuing the speed of capture, so it was compatible with the additional rules. If you want to capture it quickly, please refer to it.