Deus X

Happened to get him from free mythic pull whats everyones thoughts on him in second form kinda having a hard time justifying using him until hes awakened (which i dont see ever happening) but maybe I’m just missing something whats everyone else think

Useless in PvE, Going to test him in PvP. I wish I had retribution monsters to pair him with as I imagine he could be a good “bait” for opponents.

He’s great for pvp, his skip ban passive doesn’t do anything to ai but can screw up enemy teams big time

Skip ban means you can basically completely optimise turn order. It’s legit one of the most crazy pvp myths in the game.

By the way, his first form can be used in pvp.

Both Deus and Don Rilla are excellent in their first forms, they do very well for a 6 cost monster