Desktop Customization Thread

Okay, so I don’t know how this will go down here, but I love desktop customization both on my PC and, since I got my phone, on Android too. It’s something I find incredibly functional and it really can improve your computer experience so yeah.

Anyways, I’m gonna kick things off with my current and past desktops and I would be really interested to see what you think of them. The Rainmeter and Rocketdock programs are the core of most desktop customization so if you’re interested in doing this kind of stuff yourself, I’d recommend giving them a google.

Anyways, to kick things off, this was my first attempt at true customization (actually going into the coding and adapting components myself). I usually just use an available theme pack but I had an idea one night. See, I love my keyboard. It’s one of the older Logitech G15 keyboards like this

So I thought. “Hey! Why don’t I make a desktop that looks a bit like this?” and this was the end result:

I am in the process of uploading my previous desktops to a single deviantART album to save on valuable forum image space, which you can find here:

I look forward to finding out if some of my fellow hunters share this hobby of mine and how different our preferences may be :slight_smile:

How i love Rainmeter, let me show you mine.