I have a floppy clock

After building my parents a new PC a few months back, I decided to dismantle their old one to make use of the beautiful legacy components of days gone by. Some of the components I made use of immediately and some I have yet to find a use for, however, today I made a thing…

I was dismantling the floppy disk drive and after playing about with the components, I decided the tray looked pretty neat…so I did what any logical person would do…

I made a clock. Like, obviously!

So what should guys think? The clock face goes in the middle and I have the perfect donor candidate lying around…somewhere, waiting to have its face transplanted.

That…is surprisingly creative.

I applaud you sir

Why thank you!

The motherboard is floating in my shelving unit but I’m still not sure what todo with the awesome heat sink. No doubt ill get bored one day and do something with it, it still has the processor stuck to it by the solidified thermal paste :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that is hilarious! Me and some people in my computer engineering class set up 8 of these to work as a music player thing… It’s hard to describe. I need to find the video.

I know what you mean Shen, like each one set at a different frequency to make a different note when it’s revved up. I’ve seen people do this before with hard drives :slight_smile:

Wow, you sir got some talent !

Yes that! I did it in 9 grade so it’s been awhile.

Thanks Kat! Honestly though, I think the suspended motherboard looks cooler. The shelving unit is temporary for now but I plan to install it in my new shelving unit maybe with an LED spotlight pointing down onto it, I’ll mess around with a couple of ideas… TO IKEA! haha

Not enough in the image upload limit, but I’ll post some pics of the suspended motherboard here:

Also, Shen, really? 9th grade? That’s freekin awesome!!

Yeah, we had an awesome teacher with lots of old floppy drive(idk why) and an awesome.

And you sir deserve a waffle for that clock! Here take this waffle (oωo)<#

Yeah, we had an awesome teacher with lots of old floppy drive(idk why) and an awesome.

And you sir deserve a waffle for that clock!
Here take this waffle (oωo)<#

Oh my, this waffle looks delicious, thank you #>(^_^)

He sounds pretty awesome. I’ve only got the one floppy drive, if I had more I’d probably make more of these and sell them somewhere rather than going through the process of doing something cool like that with them haha

If only some place would give them to us…

Well I know a site run here called Freecycle where people put stuff up to give away as long as you collect it. I wonder how many people there are out there with floppy drives, looking for a nice warm him where they will be loved and cared for…

MWUHAHAHA little do they know I shall tear them apart and rip out their guts, rearranging them into a mangled and warped broken version of themselves.

…the floppy drives…not the people…just to clarify…

I will see if I can get some! And as for that last line… I was worried there for a second.

They don’t even take that long to make really. I realise that not all floppy drives will have the same internals but they must all stick to the same general idea and hey, a bit of variation makes everything that little bit more unique. I dunno, I may just have to look into this…

Any ideas where I can sell things like that though, online?

eBay and amazon are the only 2 I can think of.

Wow that clock is awesome also you can sell on newegg and Craigslist I believe :smiley:

Yeah, I think that’ll be the way to go. Would be nice to get some money for it since I enjoy it anyways!


Unfortunately not, I live in Scotland and those are American sites, but thanks for the input haha

Speaking of American sites, there is one thing that I find very frustrating : why is Netflix not available in my country >_< ?

Because a lot of American companies are stupid!

I can haz Netflix, not that I use it :L

Also, I just put up a messageon Freecycle asking for floppy drives, well see what comes of it, may even end up with more beautiful of PC components :wink: