Deodragon Special Eggs

I didn’t get him, but the moves I know he has are Energy charge, energy blast and stealth. Also stun immunity. 4th move I think Ultra blaze or something but I’m not sure.

On a side note, how lucky do get during special eggs compared to the others?

It depends what you’re aiming for. If it’s legendaries in general then festival eggs are better, but if you want a specific legendary then special eggs are better

Not always right? Sometimes you have Legendary festival eggs. Like motordragon last month.

With those eggs though it’s basically a festival egg with motordragon added in, so you have less chance of getting motordragon

Didn’t know that, so if there is a really good new monster I might give the special eggs a try.

I actually believe there is an increased chance of obtaining the unique legendaries in the festival eggs

Well I got him on my last spin, will let you know stats.

Actually, festivals probably are better with getting the featured one, since they have a better chance of giving a legend at all, thus increasing the odds of getting the featured mon.

So energy charge stacks, and his stats are similar to ultimate dragon and taloknight with 99% speed.

Seems Deodragon will be a force to be wreckoned with if he’s used correctly

Woah, that means you can use those moves more than once, his going to be op with a team turn/give turn team. Congrats on getting him =)

This monster is cool i Will get it