Debunking duck (SHOCKING! GONE SEXUAL)

In this post, I will EXPOSE duck’s LIES about the hatches and point out his FALLACIES.

Now, that’s very sussy. You haven’t done the calculations, you say? Then why should we trust your judgement?

That’s incorrect. Let’s suppose, for the sake of the argument, that an egg exists. Let’s also suppose that such egg gives you 10 free legendaries at the cost of 1 gem. Now, wouldn’t THAT be an egg worth spending for?

Having found a counter-example, your statement’s validity is disproven.

I agree with this

Those calculations are COMPLETELY WRONG and purposeful misinformation!! Where do all those long and garbled numbers come from??? I’ll tell you: he made them up to make his calculations add up the way he wants!!

Let’s go over the ACTUAL maths:

2 or more copies without guarantee = 2 - g
2 copies from guarantee = 2g
3 or more copies without guarantee = 3 - g
1 copy from guarantee = 1g = g
4 or more copies without guarantee = 4 - g
0 copies from guarantee = 0g = 0

Let’s multiply all of this, like he said:w

(2 - g) • 2g • (3 - g) • g • (4 - g) • 0 = 0!!

Why? Because everything multiplied by 0 equals zero!!

False, this means that you have ZERO chance of awakening anything.
Open your eyes folks!!1!!1

EDIT: I realize I didn’t give you the full picture. I apologize for my shortsightedness.

We all know that “g” (=9.81), correct? But then, what would happen if we hatched our eggs in the center of a BLACK HOLE? Einstein said, in 1875, that black holes have g = ∞.

This means we are reaching an indeterminate form of limit, [0 • ∞]. Right now, mathematicians have yet to discover a way to deal with them.

Therefore, hatching is not only fruitless, but downright IMPOSSIBLE!! If you hatch an egg, you are VIOLATING THE LAWS OF PHYSICS and DESECRATING THE FABRIC OF REALITY


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