Good Evening

Names Deadpool

Who wants to gives me chimichangas?

You’ll be my best friend :smiley:

Also, I’m a moderator.

Be respectful and ill share my chimichangas with you!

Ooooooo, I have some wild haggis here that I caught fresh this morning. That would make for an interesting feast along with the chimichangas. Okay, you got me at the offer of food, I guess I’ll be nice to ya then :slight_smile:

so when the game comes out can we fight ??

We gotta wait for the beta testing to be done bud.

So relax, enjoy the community!

Lets build the excitement and share it with our friends!

Do you prefer beef or chicken in your chimichangas ?


Hahaha ok give me 24 hours and you sit will have one amazing chimichanga hahaha

You’re not the same Deadpool as the one in the DIB forum are you?

he is. for now, all mods are from the DIB forum. hope you guys get along :slight_smile:

Yeah no problem! We’re all quite associated with one another.

We’ve worked together before and they’re awesome people to work with

I imagine well be just fine :smiley:

I like dead pool he’s pretty chill btw I got those beef and chicken chimichangas you wanted


Nice to meet you deadpool :slight_smile:

Indeedelido. Welcome!

I’m new
Hi :slight_smile:
Hi all lol

Mod edit: I combined your posts into one, please be easy on multi posting.

I thought you preferred hot wings? XD

I’m locking this because I don’t want this necro’d anymore.

Sorry guys.