[Data] The Most Popular HP Boosted Monsters in the game

For clarity, I like the scaling as an idea. But wanted to see how it worked in practice in terms of the parameters set. I like that legends and SEs will be boosted now, but not to the degree I just saw.

Rctuga had it right.

If they wanted, they could give 1.5k and 2k to legends and SE to promote them as a boost choice. 10 orbs for a reset seems pretty reasonable as well. But making Carmilla now the only reasonable option for boosting (in terms of mythics, speaking from the mythic spammer perspective) is ridiculous. Till this update, people boosted monsters they wanted to make sure that will not die after 1 or 2 standard hits. (Examples) Now it’s out of reach, because testing updates before launch is not the typical order of actions for devs. I used my orbs to color my frontline blue, missing a couple to finish my coloring job (since now boosts mean almost nothing besides looking nice). /s


The only thing I don’t like about Mapledragon is that I don’t have it, as soon as I get it I will give it the orbs and put it on my team.

It’s stupidly good. I got it last week and it’s in all my teams now. Even though I’m using it I’d still want to see it nerfed again lol.

Remove HP boosts from game and problem solved. idk the genius who got that idea and what it would improve the game but he got it very very wroung
They never should be implemented in the 1st place
Take JWA as an example

Boosted maple have similar stats like arboribratus. kinda amazing maple have chance to survive fire defang.

Tbh I don’t want this monster get nerfed again but its very annoying when you meet hard rng player who just spam sleep . Maybe better we wait next season ,when we have new limit list

Someone tell me why I lost this pvp, is it because the guy was good? Nope, mapledragon god. The 5 star myth.


Sometimes wraithcaptain sleep at 100% and sleep locking whole teams but never seen someone complaining about him , im owning mapple but not using it that much lately loosing camou was a good nerf i think

Of course

not really. With the HP boost or not he dies from a steathbane so the fact that he lost camouflage doesn’t affect him much since he tanks all the critical moves to which he is vulnerable

The captain is not meta in pvp, therefore people do not complain about him, Maple is currently meta, I dare say that 95% of the players currently have him on their teams.

Double counter on boosted prixis , well finally the 500 hp not that useless :skull:


It was propably just the worst rng you could get, she has ■■■■ survivabilaty and that 500hp won’t matter in the long run

“Worst rng” so you think that Prixis would normally survive with higher HP?

I feel like the full atk monsters should get a little more hp when boosted. They are at the bottom of the list when boosting something.

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You do understand that amount of damage is also depended on the rng and it can change, so that 500hp difference for myths does nothing for those with no defence boosts, because it’s close to (usually less) than the amount of the ±10% variance when dealing damage.

And after tests, Nyx most often would not survive Kattmander (yuck!) Darkbane even with 1k hp added, becase it deals 5200-5700 damage, while she has 4.3k hp.

Coltraz is right

Before. Feks a exocross would tank a sui with hp boost

He wont do that anymore

Plume would consistently surive a glaci

Wont do that anymore

Aoi would tank a sui kin slayer (i did the maths)

She wont do that anymore

The list goes on

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They just on purpose destroyed hp boosts for almost all myths, and by doing that, made almost a year long effort for some people into a worthless activity and complete waste of time.


My only suggestion is 1000 on myths, 2000 on legendaries and 3000 on SEs, when they have the full atk distribution.

Atm only monsters with high defence are prioritised, full atk might as well be swept under the rug because they will die just as as easily anyway. Exclusion would be if they have some “this monster gains 200% atk and 500000% def when theres this and that”

If Prixis survived an attack which would kill her without the 500 hp-boost, surely that’s a positive thing? If she previously didn’t have a chance of surviving. In my opinion that’s how it should work, not guarantee tanking of many hits and make the monster very OP.

It’s a potentially problematic suggestion as the counter to the high atk monster is basically their lower hp. They’re not supposed to tank hits. High defense monsters are so it’s natural HP boost benefits them more.