HP Boost - The truth behind it

Hi guys,

As you all know, we had a new update yesterday and the main feature of this update is been the HP Boost, where we have the possibility to boost the HP of a monster by +1000 by using 100 HP Orbs.

HP orbs can be collected via Daily Rewards (Another feature of the new update).

Now, this HP Boost has basically thrown the chaos in the F2P community of Neo Monster, I personally received so many messages only today asking me to please speak to Devs to revert this because I am P2W and they will listen to me.

Well I don’t know if they will listen to me, but I want to give them the chance to come clean and explain to us why this HP Boost will help the Balance in Neo Monsters.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD do you please mind explaining to us how HP Boost will improve the balance in Neo Monsters?


make it p2w and have it appear in mat pack deals :smirk:

i would die laughing :joy:

Yes of course they put them for real money and then they take out a sanctuary for the F2P

Good day Gentlemen,I don’t really find that humourous,was there a joke that I am not aware of?

I’ll put down some important points about this, in term of advantages and disadvantages.


  • HP Boost is a good way to help fighting the buff in high level PvE battles.

  • HP Boost can serve for PvP testing porpouses.


  • HP Boost will force people to grind making the game competitive only for who can do so, plenty of people are not willing to grind daily for long time, beside that many P2W players spend a lot of time working so is definitely not fair the grinding method, this can be easily fixed putting the orbs as reward of events.

  • HP Boost will make many monsters (designed to be effective without buff) unusable.

  • HP Boost will make certain monsters borderline indestructible leading people to abuse this mechanic.

  • HP Boost will reduce effectiveness of Super Epics, making them borderline unusable.

  • HP Boost will impact negatively moves with high TU (like double poison eater) against enemies that in normal conditions they would not resist.


Nobody really expected this

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The HP booster or?

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Also Good day @CubanxxxNaruto

Totally agree with you…Atm King Ragnar

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Let’s not diverge from the point of this thread,HP boost.

I don’t care too much rn but anyways
Hp buff will make all monsters like Bundm , trica , Katt useless. I think rn those 3 are surely being run by everyone, Most of legends will be useless like this . Not saying ho buff should be removed just add it to Pve

What is your name in the Neo?

Oh ? You are approaching me ?

I think the HP boost will really discourage new players as not only they have a smaller selection they will also have to fight people with higher HP. And I can imagine it will be gamebreaking on certain Mons.

I am not certain this is going to make the game better :S


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If they won’t remove it, let’s make it only for PvE @Dev_VKC then we’re good


Honestly, making it only for pve wont really be beneficial. I thought pve was just aurodragon ankou and revenarchion revenge spamming. PvE already has it’s effective niche. The enemy ai isnt really advanced to pose a huge threat in most cases too.

I won’t deny this since its something “different” and neo has not gotten anything different for some time. I would rather like to see more options like these as well.

Also @DonT89 said it himself, most P2W players wont be able to grind every day and this gives a huge advantage to hard working f2p players.

@DonT89 I’m glad you love the feature. It’s good to see one of neo’s blue whales enjoying such an awesome addition.

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This image should predict the future “innit.”

I think you misunderstood my words.
Here is not about finding a “counter” to P2W, you can be as hard working as you want, F2P will never have the choice that a P2W has.
Once they grind for 3-4 mythics to boost, you are doomed.