Daily Log In rewards

The 3300 coins from the Daily log in rewards have greatly enriched us players over the years and it almost hurts me to ask for such a request, but would it be possible to exchange the coins for the little mystical nectars?


I hope and they do

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The ankara icon :heart_eyes:


been asking for a while if its possible to get nectars. btw did you know if you replay some of the early story mission dungeons you can get the nectars as drops from random dungeon encounters.
worth noting if you only have a few tickets left and want to try your luck!


What the drop rates and what dungeons? Chapter 3, 2, 1?

i can’t remember which dungeon. but i know its early on. i think its the half nectars you get.

@Dev_VKC can you public the drop rates and dungeons? :sweat_smile:

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