Control Ingredient Drops?

So I’m trying to get some pyramids to ultra-evolve my monsters. Given the high ticket cost It’s difficult for me to make many attempts, 2 at most if I manage to level up and get tickets refilled. 

So what I’m asking is is there some way to increase your chances for what type is dropped? I keep getting Aeromids which are useless for me. 

Also are there more battles than the boss one? When I first played the dungeon there were wild teams where you could catch monsters, but now the only battle I have is the boss battle. 

For the pyramids there’s only the boss battle sadly. I need two Aeromids haven’t encountered any but encountered all the other elements.

Dang, an Aquamid(?) is all I need to evolve my dreadwolf.

I need the light and dark, all I’ve been getting are Aeromids (2) and Pyrromids (4) and Geomids (2), which I can’t do anything with. It’s great.

I’ve done about… 10+ runs now? Still no Aeromid, which is all I need to Ultra Evolve my Oniscar.

Maybe they could implement a material exchange? Even if they wanted to make it a little more expensive (trade 2 or 3 of a different element for the element you want of the same material) then it wouldn’t feel like I wasted 2 or 3 days of tickets/keys to get nothing useful.

I’m sure storm lamp is missing from lamp oasis also. Developers please fix it asap.

you should go into the mission not wanting what you want. this seems to work for me, although the odds are completely random. 

Admin, you’re asking me to lie to myself? Isn’t that the opposite of the good advice you get in like every movie?

we will double check every ingredient missions, and perhaps add an option to purchase them with the coins you get from playing special events? hows that?

Why don’t you guys add ingredients as daily login rewards? Honestly the coins and friend chest are useless.

Every five days you could give one random ingredient the player can choose from a list.

In my opinion, I think everyone would appreciate something like:

Day 1 - 200 friend points (give away better prizes in those chests, from youth fruit to a gold egg - of course at a low rate.

Day 2 - Silver Key

Day 3 - 50k SIlver

Day 4 - Player’s choice of one ingredient

Day 5 - Gem

And then starts again.

I don’t think it would damage the game in any way and players would have something to look forward to.

My lucky charm was to build a team with only the element of the type of ingredient I wanted, for example if I needed water piramid ingredient I went to the dungeon with only water monsters lol, I know this is rng (Random) but for some weird reason I had a good rates getting the ingredient that I wanted with that “ritual” lol

This is killing me. I tried to get Aeromind and Pyromid for 2 weeks already but all I have is luxmid and geomid. I have about 6 geomid and 10 luxmid. Also, storm lamp too. It was a month already but I can’t get storm lamp.

Have you tried the chapter four storm temple online mission dungeon? Stormlamp chance to appear in the wild encounters and may drop after boss battle. As for the pyramids, you just gotta keep farming until RNGesus feels like giving you want you need.

Unfortunately the system is very streaky and your situation is common. I’m almost convinced there’s voice recognition software built in because if you say, “Daddy needs an Aquamid” before u enter a dungeon, you almost NEVER get one.

Anyhow: the fair method would be getting all 5 different pyramids after 5 visits, but in a random order. Why they don’t implement this is beyond me.

Je trouve cela triste de prétendre à un jeu gratuit alors que les ingrédients coûtent extrêmement cher en ticket, j’ai acheté Hunter puis Néo mais je trouve le gameplay beaucoup plus simple sur Hunter que sur Néo.

Je me permet de poster ici pour vous dire que je suis d’accord avec votre réponse "Posted 11 November 2015 - 05:58 PM

we will double check every ingredient missions, and perhaps add an option to purchase them with the coins you get from playing special events? hows that?"

Mais nous sommes le 06/03/2016 aucun ingrédients n’est à gagner par les connexions journalières… J’espère que vous allez régler ce problème.