Cyberdrake (not catch able atm)

Just picture for fun…

Its just me or i cant see any?

Oh forgot to upload

Where? Can you use a photo pls?

Its probably summoned by another arkadion

Mostly egg monsters

Goshdarn I cannot wait to start running into these rarer ones in the wild :slight_smile:

Had one summoned against me by a gargol if I remember right awesome monster
I was mistaken the one I fought was a core drake!

Cyberwyrms are very powerful. One of my 5 favorite monsters.

Of course, I don’t have one…yet. I plan on getting it though. :slight_smile:

Where do u get copperhorn

Where do u get the arkadons in the pictures?

Those are all future online missions, jackson.

Copperhorn is the first stage of Goldenhorn, which can be obtained in gold eggs.

Good old vegi, krakar, and strato are all PvP rewards. Nice monsters.

Vulcadog evolves into vulcawolf, which can be obtained in gold eggs.

Frillzy evolves into frillzeon, which can be obtained in gold eggs.