Hi Cuban friends. I was wondering if someone could give some travel advice for Cuba and the surrounding islands. I’m looking at a 3 week trip in a year or two. We want to start in Miami, explore Cuba and then some surrounding islands. Any advice on travel, transport, itineraries and place to go would be really appreciated!


Oh that sweet…
I cannot help u with locations but I can teach u some Spanish words to mingle well with people there…
Whenever u meet a latino there , shake their hands and say “Puta madre” meaning “How are u doing?” !
Being nice to them makes them happy…


Lmao I’m pretty good at Spanish Prof :wink:


Not suspicious at all


I am Cuban and my country is the last place I would recommend to a friend


Oooh really :confused: can you send me a DM on Line and tell me why?

It’s obvious, because you can’t play Neo Monsters properly there :wink:

Sorry, I’ll get out of this thread. Good luck planning the trip!

Havana is a very touristy city, stranded you have one of the best beaches in the world, the Viñales valley is also beautiful, on the other hand, if you come, let us know and I invite you to take a trip through Havana

Cuba is not the best country for Cubans but for those who visit it, it is good

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@LemonSqueezy Well bro, I think I’ll go for points:

1: As for the Covid, Cuba is critical, but since you say that you plan that the trip will be in 2 or 3 years, I will not say much about this.

2: Cuba for Cubans themselves is hell, but certainly not for tourists, this is a beautiful country if you come as a tourist.

3: As for places to visit, I will only tell you about those that I have visited and have found them beautiful and incredible, these are: Trinidad (in its entirety), Jardines del Rey and Jardines de la Reyna, all the beaches there are. in these places they are wonderful, or at least the vast majority; Havana, if you come to Cuba you cannot miss Havana, it is undoubtedly one of the best tourist provinces in the country.

I did not address much topic here, if you want me to talk to you more then write me.


Visit Cuba for a week or two but no more or you’ll regret it!
Jokes aside, you should visit the capital “La Habana” to see all it’s colonial architecture. Our best beaches are in Varadero, Matanzas.
Un general, every city have their own historical places that are worth visiting by a tourist.
This is an terrible place to live but it’s pretty nice to visit for a week or two

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Thanks everyone! That’s super helpful. What’s it like getting in and out of Cuba? Is it easy to get to Miami and Dominican Republic by boat?