There is Cuban guy here??

I would like to know or meet some Cuban guy here!! There Cuban team here??

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I think you might have the wrong website




What did you say that?? What wrong I live in Cuba and right now I’m playing Neo!! So explain me!!!

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Tinder could help

…I’m going to assume that what you just said was not what you intended to say, and edit that up real quick. If it was, than that question is definitely better asked elsewhere.

There are quite a few Cuban players. There is even a clan called TNC which is only Cubans.

I believe they talk on Whatsapp with other Spanish players. You can write here to join their chat group: Grupo en español!!

Some also write here on the forum, but only in English.

P.S. Good luck finding your special Cuban man love. I met my girl through gaming so who knows, you might get lucky here :wink:


But this is About the game right?

Here…i need to ve un the chat group. Mi # is 54134214

Cuban Pete here:


HAHAHAH I really like that movie

That move is on of my favorites​:grin:, They call me Cuban Pete, i’m the king of the rumba Beet​:joy::man_dancing::musical_note:

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All of you are so funny, I don’t have problems writing in English!! I just wanna know Cuban people for enjoy this game!!

I’m cuban bro

Here are a few, many put their real name but others use their Nick of the game and put TNC in front

Oh sorry, i forgot to tell it, i am cuban too!

If you are Cuban you should join our clan there you will have a lot of help and you will have fun with the comments.

Which clan??


I want to Enter in the clan but anybody add me…i have showed muy number like 10 times and nothing happens🤷🏽‍♂️