Hey i think HP ( health ) potions will be a good idea to have and others

Red crystals - 100 hp potion recovery
Blue crystals - 500 hp potion recovery
Yellow crystals - 1000 hp potion recovery
White crytals - Full hp potion recovery
Posion crystal - heal 1 ark effected by Posion
Sleep crystal - heal 1 ark sleeping in battle
Full heal crystal - heals all arks in team effect by , posion , sleep , stun , ect… ( don’t know any thing else )
Stun crystal - gives the abilitly to choose one ark in team to stun an ark for one turn 100%

For this to even be possible , we would need a item bag to store our stuff in …

Single player only - max crystals you can hold is 50. Of each .

how do you get these?

You can’t its a idea

I know.

But if this was implemented, how would one obtain these?

You buy in store

…for what currency? Gold? Silver?

Full heal & white crystal , will be gold cost & the others Silver


Well, I like it. It would make things more interesting.

The Devs have stayed they didn’t want to use any potions that gives you more health or extra damage that you could use during combat.  Personally I like the idea, however I respect their decision to keep them out of the game.

But i mean it would only be for single player , but feel free to close this thread!

I like this but some things would be too easy