Any tips i have actually seen 5 in less then a half hour but all of them are so hard to catch they use survivor everytime im close… :persevere:

Try using polareon’s nightmares grip on him and then catch it.if you have a shared polareon in your friend list.

then what about vorabook where can i get them

It is only available through Survival of the Fittest.

@Fireblake thx

It would be nice if a crystalmouth was in the boss battle instead of a goldmouth so that we could win one once in a while

Crystalmouth appears in boss battle sometimes

No i think he doesnt appear on boss battle, he only appear on spawns (cloud like thiny)

Isnt he available on IC too? Hmm i think he is and also Dungeon challenge but it would be hard to get him on floor 72

I argue w/ that mate, why last time I got 1 on boss battle.Maybe I’m lucky?

Wow, well indeed you are very lucky, i never experienced that before, sorry i just assumed :grinning:

Also in Island challenge. But SOTF is the only easy way, yes