So my ultimaigradon and talosquire both need these to ultra-evolve. The game it self says they are very rare. has any one had aany numbers or stats they could share on what they think it will take to get them??

iam warning u that the grind for crystalmouths can be very frustrating if ur unlucky. and if they appear u also have to catch them with a catchrate that is max 43 percent. so yeah its annoying but with enough patience u will get those crystalmouths!

They’re found in random encounters in the gold mouth quest

Atm in all my game couldnt catch one and got like 16 goldmouth lol…

The crystalmouth hunting is getting a bit too frustrating by now…lost count of times i repeated the challenge and gold mouths i gave away as i got more than i could keep.

Legendary requiring crystalmouths for a long time, too long to be honest. Any chance of either increasing the chance rate % or at least the spawn rate maintaining the current 43%? Or even putting a low chance drop at the end challenge for the dungeon instead of always 100% gold mouth?



i feel u bro but keep trying u will get one. If not just wait for the next event where u can get a crystalmouth.

It gets extra frustrating since they don’t have hold ground. I’ve accidentally killed them several times and I’ve never actually managed to catch one.

I leave them at full health and then let them use survivor twice. Follow that with a couple stun bombs and then use dreamhunt while they are awake.

I have two. I would like to give one as a gift😉

I just deleted 3 Crystalmouths, but since ever I deleted like 10 of them until now

Please do :stuck_out_tongue: i would appreciate one very much xD

LOL! Give them to me, no need to delete, i’m happy to share :wink:

I got quite a few of them… would give you a few if i could.