The Crystalmouth farm...

In my feeble attempts to capture a single Crystalmouth, I have accumulated over 80 Goldmouths. Is there any in game feature to trade in excess/ unwanted monsters for silver/ gems? Can someone make me feel better about the endless grind only to watch them escape time and time again with 40+% chance.


Stay strong and keep trying! You’ll get all the ingredients you could ever need eventually

(This is from general devoted play over many years)

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Crystalmouth Farm sounds like a dystopian novel set in Verosia

Btw if you want a guaranteed Crystalmouth, check out the Super Power Up Event (which started today). If you have 50 tickets that is, but judging from your endless grind for Crystalbois I think you don’t suffer from rank problems

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I think it also comes in super challenge battle as well check it out . I think this week’s scb has one in the expert part. (Check it out plz I don’t remember it correctly)

A lotta crystal mouths are rewarded in side events under side story section. Finish em if you haven’t already :slightly_smiling_face:

Jealous of those graillings. I’ve had to get my hands on nine since anniv