Cloud Monster

Where can you find that arkadion thats’s floating on a cloud? I’m afraid I don’t know it’s name :confused:

You mean Raioh? I’m looking for it too, i got only one from an egg

It’s around Ravindal. If you can’t find it, just keep looking!

It can also be found to the west of Batek on Ark Island

Managed to get them, thanks :slight_smile:
Does anybody know where the baby form of leviathan is found?

That’s south of Finam, on the shore. ^^

Do you where I can get stegatops or anything in its family? Thanks.

Find its first evo in the cave northeast of Earun. :>


So I’ve been looking for the leviathan baby  for a while now in the area shown, but can’t seem to find it.  Is that the right area?  This is south of Finam.


*Edit* Thanks Kookaset, I finally got it! :smiley:

That’s the general area, yes. It’s the right area if your battle scene has a beach as its background.

+No problem Tukkun. ^^

What’s the leviathan baby’s name and is there a recipe that involves the cloudthink because I saw a monster that looks like its evolution.

yes, there is a recipe for Raiou.

And Leviathan’s first evo is Levi. ^^

Thanks kookaset you’re the best.

Haha, thank you :>