First form of Leviathan


Does anyone know the name of it’s first form and where I can farm it? 


Coast east of finam, on the hill.


Thank you, time to get farming cause i want a leviathan and an angelon 


Have fun! :slight_smile:

E ranks aren’t too hard to find. Getting a nice S rank is a pain though.

Best of luck.


I found a hill but there’s no space on it. Only ones above and below it. Which one should I grind on?


Farmed for a bit and found it on the spot right ABOVE the hill so that’s where you should go for it… it is called a Levi by the way


Thanks. I killed one once not realising it was rare and had a job trying to find where I’d found it again


Can someone post a pic of the exact spot please?


That is the place. You could also take a look at the other topics here in this because it was already given(Lachzeer location guide - topic )