Chrome egg and valentines event

It started already, im liking the event and got nothing out of 80 gems and 1 rare egg, what about you guys?

Epic dupes as always,and one SE dupe

I really hate this game sometimes,  nothing but epics, and then got a super epic on a golden egg…

Got some cool looking dragon SE and one lavafeather.
Also have mechaviathan.
Should I use lava and mecha together?
At the moment I have 44 gems. Should I make it 50 and open a 10 in 1 egg or open single eggs?


Ya use them together but dont place them too closely to each other(if two tt on the field,team turn cannot be used) and save to 50 gems

Guys,I saw a post in other topic and a question come to me.what was Leo skill before Nerf?I mean what Nerf done to him?state?skill?

He wasn’t directly nerfed. He was nerfed in that he was given a weakness to chrono killer.

Tnx,now I can see why there are too many chrono killer out(they even give us one free leg and chance to getting SE roaring entrance chrono killer :wink: )
Tnx zard

92 gems now, started to save since last anniversary egg, and i’ve been thinking, 90 gems about 2-3 months, and now this, this is tempting but i want to save them for the next anniversary and spend them for six limited packs and earn twoo legends leastways including an special monster like the penguinator that i have currently
What should i do?

It is not bad to frequent festivals of this style. It makes it easy for newbies to get the minimum legendarys needed for ranking events.

I got Lone eye my 2nd legendary

There is no reason to worry if you play f2p forever.

still a long time before the next anniversary,if i were you i would have spent it 

safe to say I’m very pleased

Dupes and more dupes as allways no legends

chrome and goldtail in the same event I’d spend personally

You are so lucky man. Can you share your friend code for me?

42195041 is my friend code

I got grovos from two 10 in 1 rolls and loads of new SE mons.

The following rare egg gave me bazilor.

Not the best but hey. Now i have 7 legendarys excluding chronozar (who is not fully evolved right now).

Might join the F2P clan some time soon :slight_smile: