Christmas & New Year's Eve anniversaries

What do you expect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve anniversaries?


Nothing tbh. Otherwise you might get disappointed. Just an advice for the future :grin:


2x gem sale and stag with 6.1% to pull legendaries. Also, some new fun christams themed legendaries and a new viable second form mythic.

You should expect nothing or you be disappointed.

Its going to be the same old Christmas monsters reinder/saint/red jag with two new legendaries and the mythic could be the grass mythic or a new one.

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Stop being such downers @Mr.X and @eNjiin

Have some faith in my guy @Dev_VKC

-GaryOak aka “Parodies”

I agree with having low expectations but they did not disappoint me with holloween and anniversary event so I have faith also. Can not wait tbh. :dancer:

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Anyone remember when apollorexus was featured in a festival egg?