Chain attacks

No doubt it’s a glitch because this game is full of them but why is it that sometimes if I have scapegoated something that 2 different types of ark can get hit for example it goes for goldenhorn and I scapegoated SS sometimes both get hit

Also if osiriswyrm blocks a chain attack designed to hit a different attack then it should attack other arks in that element. I just experienced it then against giga Osiris and Octoneer, tried to chain claw Octoneer as was nearly dead Osiris blocked giga didn’t get hit. Seems pretty stupid to me

It’s not a glitch… The chain attack is splashed to any like elements however any of the chains can be blocked by a decoy. For example the original target is hit but the decoy blocks the splash hit or the guardian blocks the original but the splash still affects the original targets element type.

Well Osiris blocked the attack and it was the only ark to get hit. I went for Octoneer which didn’t get damaged and giga didn’t only Osiris. If what your saying is right then Octoneer and Osiris should of been hit

No^. Osiris is earth as is giga. Octoneer is water.

When using the chain attack on Octoneer, Osiris’ decoy blocked it from hitting a water ark, seeing as your opponent had no other water arks. Had they had another, Osiris and one of the two would have been hit.

If there is 2 Earth you have to Chain one of the Earth to work, you cant use Chain on the Water Else the attack wont go into Chain. If that made any sence :slight_smile:

Yeah makes sense jus thought if Osiris blocked the attack then it should of chained giga as he blocked the attack not the chain

I love chain attacks :slight_smile:

No because your intention is to attack Octo.