Capture Rate for Hatchlings

I must be that unlucky 3% because I found an A Galey, used a silver card with 97% capture rate, and it didnt work… That is so depressing.

I only used a gold card once cause I freaked out when I saw leafy lol. The other hatchlings I caught with a normal card xD

See i prefer to use my gold cards for capturing things like this. If i farmed for 10 hours for a hatchling and lost it on a 97% chance i would be extremely upset. But then again i do not buy golden eggs very often, so i tend to have plenty of gold in reserve.

Flygon- I caught many of them with silver cards, until I lost a Bluey the same way with the 97% chance card, so all I use now is gold cards.

Slighter- Yeah I understand what you mean. I have much gold saved up as well.

by my calculations, if you speed farm it will take you 4.4 hours to be garunteed a rare monster