Can't find starters and hatchlings sad..

Am I the only 1 without a second starter or a hatchling

They are very rare so you must have patience. Just farm them at the spots where you can find them.

Hatchlings first 4 steps north of Agramis and starters first 3/4(?) steps above orlen.


Won’t it be cool if they made an event for hatchlings or starters

I don’t think an event for hatchlings or starters would be that great. They’re only available once per week. They should be something that you can’t get from the game, really. 

That’s true…

Can I just clarify: When you say first 4 steps above, do you mean directly vertical upwards, or do you mean along/following the path (which winds). I’m confused with this point.

E.g. Above Orlen, into the woods? Or along the path?


They’re the four spots along the path to the north. 

 Thanks for clearing it up, was getting so confused haha, already got the first two pretty quick!

Ahaha. Yeah, I was too.

And congratulations!

…and all I want is a JigglyPuff. Sad face. :frowning: