Can't damage Dahag

I got the green path mission and I went to fight Dahag. even my monsters level is 40 to 55 but I cant damage it at all! Do i need to do something before fighting it?

Yep. Just follow the green path, and it should take you to another part of the story.

++Don’t go off the path by the way haha

I already follow the path until i reached the point next to the town and gotta fight that Dahag which I still cant damage it. T T

You should lose that battle and go straight into the town then,…

I got it now, thank you guys!

Dahag.   Classic Dahag.   He’s so kooky.



Y’all have to be nicer to the poor guy

And you’re welcome, Bankiji :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise that I wasn’t damaging him at first. I though he had so much HP that my attacks were doing next to nothing

i also did this, died and went on and was like o.o how’d i get into this town??!?!

Sewper pewper scewper… It took me forever to find out i had too lose, i kept on quitting out of the game and then started yelling at my ipad saying, “JUST DIE ALREADY”. XD


I have the same problem, I loose so I return automactly in the previous town (Arborun) and when I go to the north for join the next town, Dahag block me again.
I don’t what I will do…

Ps : I’m french, so sorry if my english is poor…

Have you followed the path all the way to the end? You’re supposed to lose at that point and they take you into town

As deadpool said, you must stay north; stay in the path of green trees until you get to the very last one. You battle Dahag, and then you are rescued by people that take you into an underground town. Its part of the storyline. :slight_smile:

It’s just the game that bug, I left and restarted and it is good.
My problem was that when I die after fighting dahag, I returned to the city, I went up north but I had to reshuffle dahag with his infinite life.

Its part of the story not beating him straight off lol

I got to the ark stone and disabled Dahag’s immortality and I still can’t beat it any ideas how to?

Level up?

It should be taking some damage

Well, when u get the quest that tells u to go to north ob arborum u have to go right on the patchs next to the ruin then when dahag appears u wont be able to attack him when u lose a girl will come out of now where n give u shelter after that do some quests then when u go out again thats the quest where u kill dahag if u cnt even damage him at that point i dont think u can beat tiamat if u dont get through that point soo good luck with dahag

In advance if u beat him congratz

Get LIGHT monsters

A lot of them!