You know the dungeon after you fight dahag for the first time yeah I need help passing it

Help me pass the dungeon after the first fight with dahag
Has anyone gone further

Wrong place see FAQ

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To your question, I think that’s the one that trips most everyone up. It’s not a cave, it’s actually a tunnel… meaning it goes down, then back up. When you get to the last stairs, you’ll find that going deeper is impossible… the only stairs leads you back up. And that’s okay. Just keep following the stairs until you get back up.

If you’re having trouble with combat, all I can really say is level up and/or bring tanks, like clubby, stegy, moby, etc.

Hope this helps!

Maybe it’s the cave where you have to go level 1-2 and back to lvl 1 with another door and back to town to complete story?! I know there is a cave like that in the story

Lol that place was super easy well all the games were easy but the things that are hard is the hatchlings T_T