Hit a wall and absolutely stuck at Arborun

I finished up all ofthe Arborun and prior stuff (with the exception of some Arkwings), but now I just can’t progress any and don’t know what to do. There’s no missions in other cities aside from an Arkwing or two I can’t beat yet and any time I try to progress to the next city north I run into a Totem (or whatever they’re called in Hunter Island). I forget the name of it, but it’s like a skeleton dragon and I can’t even put a dent in it. This is my party for whatever it’s worth:

Lvl 1 Penguini (S) - recently added and going ot level

Lvl 26 Stormfox (D)

Lvl 26 Mammut ©

Lvl 26 Freezebear ©

Lvl 26 Blizzard (A)

Lvl 26 Halocat (A)

Lvl 26 Blackice (A)

Lvl 26 Duskroc ©

Lvl 26 Pengster (D)

Lvl 26 Flamerunner ©

Lvl 26 Spooker ©

Lvl 26 Geoceros (D)

Lvl 26 Stegodon (D)

Lvl 27 Georex (S)

Lvl 27 Firewolf (E)

Lvl 27 Shrubtooth (E)

Lvl 27 Remus (D)

Lvl 27 Volvoxon (B)

Lvl 27 Scorchtail (S)

So what am I doing wrong or what am I supposed to do?

Did you step off the path?

Because he can’t be beaten until you get to another part of the game

Follow the path, forced to fight Dahag(skeleton dragon), go into the hole.  Then there is a dungeon/cave from that town to another further north where you destroy the arkstone machine and can then defeat Dahag.

Oh, thank you guys. I feel stupid now haha.

Don’t… I’m sure a lot of us made the same mistake.


I did it three times before I asked for help… haha.


hi i have the same prob im stuck there, i went to the cave/dungeon but didnt find the arkstone machine and there’s no way out. ived search every floor. anyone help? TNX

hey bud. go into the hole right there to get into the cave and go through it like you normally do and after going up to the next level and the next level u’ll notice that your character is now working from right to left as opposed to left to right like most caves. but this isn’t most caves, what your doing is going into the caves UNDERGROUND in order to avoid dahag. But with that being said you are naturally going to need to appear ABOVEGROUND into the next city. When you have noticed your character is now working from right to left, that is showing you that you have now begun to ASCEND, as opposed to most caves where your DESCENDING the whole time.  SO, what the final level of the cave is going to look like is its actually going to have the ascending stairs as opposed to the descending stairs that your used to seeing.  This is because now you are naturally coming BACK UP from being underground.

 Very confusing I know I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out myself.  Shoot me a message if you need any more help

simple just go to floor 3 then go to the right and then go down thoes stairs and then keep doing it until level 1 get out then you’ll find a machine

I hated dahag I spent three days leveling my three strongest guys until they were lvl 70-76 and I still lost until I (read a forum and ) beat the living snot out of him HAA HAA HAA😄

For me i did it first go, cause Arborus told me to stay on the Grass path :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys I’ve beaten the ark stone and now I’m supposed to go ahead and beat dahag but everytime I try he annihilates me. Should I just level up more or am I missing something? Help!

Level up XD I used to play this for 3 hours a day so I had angelon nightmare and loads of good arks

Okay thank you! I have 4 guys who level 55-60 so I’ll just keep leveling till I kick his ass, thank you!

Even when I stay on the green path Dahag still appears I get even get close enough to the hole

That’s supposed to happen. Stay on the green path until he appears, then try to defeat him. Eventually, the guy with you (…Beo, I think?) will say something like, “Your attacks aren’t doing anything!” Or something, then a lady will come and DRAG YOU DOWN THE HOLE.

Just kidding. She’ll just tell you to follow her, I think. And that’s how you get through it.