Can't buy gold

Does anyone know why I can’t purchase gold, I made sure I can connect to the iTunes store, and I made sure I have enough cash, plz help.

One thing that I would try is force closing your app.  (DO NOT DELETE THE APP YOUR SAVE FILES WILL BE ERASED!)

If you don’t know how; Here is a step by step guide.

I tried that, still didn’t work :frowning:

maybe try signing out of app store account then click on gold and see if it tells you to sign in or sign in and out of account that’s happened to me before because I was in us store by accident

I recently encountered this problem and had to email support through this link. It may take a day or two, but the problem was fixed up by support.

Trust me, it is not necessarily a problem with the app, your phone, or your bank account. Itunes needs to solve it for you.

It could take a day Before u get the gold, i had the Same thing and when i clichés the Same amount of gold again it Saïd : u have bought this item already click ok to get it, and so did i and got the gold

Thanks all u guys, I finally got my gold!!!

What did u do wrong?