Gem bug

so, i currently have 4,03 dollars in my app store account and im trying to buy the 6 gem pack, which costs 3,99 dollars, but it sdays i have insufficient funds, anyone knows how to fix it?

Maybe taxes are applicable in your region/country? In that case, it costs more than 4,03 once you add tax to the 3,99.

If this isn’t the case, I’m not quite sure what to tell you. Maybe add more credit on to your iTunes account and try again?

i cant really add credits because i live in brazil while my account is american, so when i go to the USA i buy gift cards

i do this because some applications cant be found on the brazilian app store

I’m pretty sure there are taxes in the American iTunes store. You’ll need to get more gift cards then if you want to buy those gems.  

that really sucks :confused:

Most likely you have already spent that money some time ago and your iTunes Store hasn’t updated yet to reflect that.

Thanks for the input! The problem has already been resolved and it is not the reason you suggested.