Candy Crush

This game has taken soooooo many hours of my life. Does anyone else here have the same addiction?

Never played it.

Never played it and never ever ever ever want to play this game.

Reasons : 

  1. Hate it.

  2. Hate it.

  3. Hate it. 

  4. Facebook invitations…

Wait… how do you know you hate it if you never tried it?

Anyway, my mother is one of the people who really dislike us (meaning her children) gaming. She’s always trying to get us to read instead of playing games. And I never, ever, ever see her on the computer playing games.

But one day, my mom was on the computer (gasp) playing a game (GASP) on Facebook (GASSSPPP1?!!?!?1111!1one). And it was Candy Crush.

Now, you need to understand how unlikely this is for her. But she plays it. And she loves it. 

I dunno guys, she’s just not the gamer type, and to see her playing Candy Crush is really… awkward, to say the least.

But yeah, she plays it.

I have alot of friends who play it and its just the same every lvl again, although it will be harder each level it still is boring

I tried it, but the only reason why I didn’t like it so much was the music.  It was a little to obnoxious for me XD

I’m not surprised. I know a lot of people in their 40s or 50s that play Candy Crush. I guess it’s because it’s really easy to understand and every level doesn’t take too much of your time

It’s not so much of her age. Just who she is. ^^; It’s like me turning down a cute bird plushie :frowning:

But yeah, you get my point.

I actually played it… once… but those match type games aren’t really my style. And the characters scare me.

Lol i love the game but the chars scare me to XD The tall guy looks like a, well im not allowed to say it but it starts w/ a p

Decent game.

At my work almost 80% plays it, everytime when we are on a break they play candy crush and when ur talking to them or they dont make it to the next lvl theyre irritated and ignore you and  THAT  is why I hate candy crush

Luckily I never got to that point, although I have to admit it’s really addicting and I understand them

That sounds like HI, my friend, and me. :o

I’m just kidding, but I think it’s borderline. Whenever I bring it up she just stays quiet until I stop talking. Haha

Hi is indeed very addicting but I dont play it while im working :stuck_out_tongue: maybe when i have a break at work but not when im working and some of my collegues do play Candy Crush while theyre working.