Ok ik that some people here have to play minecraft, so i just want to say if you ever made any awesome maps, found seeds that are great, or anything cool thats minecraft related post it here! Also for you pro builders this is time for bragging rights for awesome structures you built!

I don’t do these I go to multi-player servers and just today I got kicked/connection reset every FEW MINUTES why minecraft why you do this :frowning:

What is minecraft?

I love Minecraft and play it occasionally. However, my life is too busy to allow me to spend enough time to make anything worthwhile.


I’ve only just started playing it last week so I don’t know what’s rare yet although I’ve found 4 NPC villages, a desert temple and an abandoned mine all on the same map (the desert temple’s in the center). Then I built a massive (although) ugly bridge to link then by rail with my base

Thats good mineshafts are very rare and if i were you id look for melon seeds since a mine shaft us the only way to aquire them and villages arent bad but not the rarest and also look for a blacksmith in villages ALWAYS look for 1 they have chests that have diamonds and other good stuff, a blacksmiths has 2 furnaces and some lava at entrance and be careful at that desert temple,
There rigged, DO NOT! Go down in the center because it would set off a tnt trap that would kill you and destroy the temple loot and all your possesions so id take a pick and just mine down the sand

Thanks, I’ve already got the melon seeds and only one of the villages had a blacksmith though. Thanks for the hint with the temple. One of the villages was really weird it had spawned on  a hill and some the buildings were on a load of cobblestone to bring them up to the right height. There was no villagers in sight until I started mining the cave in the hill and found that they all spawned underground

I really dont know haha, I never played this ?

Lol its a really cool game?
Heck yeah its a good game you can get it on computer but it costs 30$ i dunno how many euros that is but yeah

And lol spikes ive had that happen to =P
Those are some weird villagers
And most of them probably got eaten by zombies if there in a cave so…

Thats probably 15 euro’s or more

I’m probably the most addicted to minecraft of all of you… I make mods >.<

Lol, u make mods?

Yes i do. 

You do?!?! Tell me some! :slight_smile: i love doing modded survival

It’s a secret. I don’t want the publicity.

Anyone here jailbroken?

I love minecraft so much, I made this HUGE space ship that had so many rooms and it was so high up in the sky…

Off topic but yes. I am.