Five Nights at Freddy's

Anyone have 5N@F? I looove that game so much. I even changed my profile pic :slight_smile: I also looked it up on google maps and found out Freddy Fazbears is real… Like no JK, It’s real… Just wanted to hopefully start a disscussion about this *Fantastic* Horror game! Tell me if you play and what night you are on, cuz I beat the game and did the golden freddy easter egg many times along with the bite of '87 :wink:

Oh god… Not you too.  My girl friend loves that game.  Scares me so much.  I hate horror games so this one is an instant “Nope.avi” from me.

Haha, I love horror… But imo, this is one of the best horror games. So yeah… It even scared me and barely anything scares me xD. That’s why I love it. The animatronics are so cute c:

c: no

;-; y u no think dis cute?

…Cause fun fact: It’s not! :smiley:

OMG IM NOW SCARED OF DOGS… that stuff is Creepy with a capital C!!!  :o  :o  :o  :blink:  :wacko:  :unsure:

Its not a dog, its a bear… Lol. The animatronics are: Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate, Freddy Fazbear, and Bonnie Bunny

There is a dog, isn’t he an Easter egg?

No. That’s also a bear. Golden Freddy… Unless you speak of an easter egg I have never heard of! Please, explain what this “dog” looks like. If it is yellow, and lies on the floor supposedly dead, then that is a bear.

Nope nvm I was wrong.  I saw a picture of Freddy that made him look like a dog just by the angle.  My bad.   (Still have strong negative feelings about that game though…sorry just my opinion)

I do too >_>

Well #HatersGonnaHateHateHateHateItOffI’mJustGonnaPlayPlayPlayPlayPlayItOff,PlayItOff,PlayItOff,OhOhOOH!


what is this? i saw it on the top charts the other day. Famous PC port? Also, did anyone play dark room? Is it worth the money?

It’s a PC game then went mobile.  You play as a night security guard who monitors the cameras…little do you know 5 animatronics are alive and are trying to kill you…and it’s scary… XD

If you like horror games you will like it.

Well, that’s the simplified version. If we are gonna be anal about it… (Which I am :P) It’s about this old pizza parlor from 1987. The place was basically like Chuckey Cheeses (Idk how to spell Chuckey lol) called Freddy Fazbears. They had animatronic animals there, a fox, bear, chicken, and bunny. They were the places’ mascots, and were loved by many until… The fox bit out a child’s frontal lobe. After that, police shut the place down, along with the animatronics. The whole building was locked up, and abandoned. What happens though is at night time.The animatronics come alive and whenever they see a life form that isn’t another animatronic, they think it has escaped its costume, so they dismember you and stuff your guts into some metal costume when they find you… The reason WHY you are even doing that crappy job as a security guard there at night for 4 dollars an hour, is because if someone wasn’t there at night to lure the animatronics towards them, they would all escape and go around killing everyone. So basically, from 12-6 am, you are bait to a bunch of metal robot animals trying to kill you. The game doesn’t have blood or anything really bad, just jumpscares of little animals jumping at you out of no where, thus ending the game. And yes, like Pred said its a PC game that has made a mobile version. It is a very VERY popular horror game at the moment, but most of my friends are to scared to play when I ask them xD. Never played dark rooms though… If it’s horror, I’m on it though! Horror is my genre…


And Pred, animations?


Thank you…yeah autocorrect ;_;

I like five nights at freddy’s it’s the only thing that ever scares me

I love the lore behind it its so confusing but that makes it all the more better to rip apart especially with fnaf 4 and the movie (which probably won’t be to good) being announced!

I was about to say, Kitty, you haven’t changed your avatar at all. And then I realized Undead brought this thread back to life from a few months ago, but hey, it’s cool, as long as people want to talk about it.

On topic, it has always interested me, but I’m with PRED on this one. I am very easily scared an FNAF is… not a good idea.