Can we please have these super epics featured in events at some point?


Thank you.

I have spent thousands of gems and numerous rare eggs…Just can’t get these guys…

P.S. Give us another crack to win a Diamonoid in top 50 PvP. Because I won’t ever afford 10 tickets in the shop.


Add Robin to that list

Jackal was featured almost 2 years ago in UC when my only legend was Valza. I couldnt crack top 3000 and so I never got him.

Idk when Robin was featured.

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Can we please have newer SE

Giving us a fluff in a event is pretty low. Lmao

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I reeeeeeeeeeally want the water robot protector AP stun absorber (name escapes me)



On 5 accounts only one got cobra throughout rare gems. The other SE are all available several times. I still believe in a rigged distribution :joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t have confidence in the distribution as well


Oh ya Gearcroc eludes me as well.

But hey ive gotten an Eff ton of keeperdragon off of rares.


Wish the same here. I also missed it. But I think top 50 PvP is a little too much. Maybe something like top 500 to ensure a wider distribution.

I would like to add horrorclaw. Made the wrong decision, when it was featured during blancion’s trials some Time ago :see_no_evil:

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Please no… These SE are already enough problem … Will be more problem if everyone has them :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Toughen up Professor :wink:

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He’s an absolute Keeper!

Fortunately enough I have all of these in my collection, Cobra and Jackal from events and Botanic from some mortar egg from which I wanted literally any other featured than that one. Cobra and Jackal did turn out to be top tier SE.


Mate I made the exact same mistake. Dumb me had the Oni + Diredemon combo in my mind and I didn’t understand at all how good a passive Mirror Revenge actually is…

Diamonoid is so powerful I really wouldn’t like to see it for top 500. It’s worth the 10x 6* tickets, even though that is lots. I don’t think people would like to see it everywhere without knowing those people earned it.

Haha let me get my Robinator already! I’ve been waiting since my first week of playing when I saw it but UC top 3000 was out of reach for me. I’ve rolled in a few eggs it’s been featured in plus done tons of rare eggs but never hatched it :frowning:

As for the list of SEs to repeat. I think top ones are:
Don Dollguini

These SEs either really help enable something strong or haven’t been featured in a very long time / ever.

I highly recommend the Devs single out Captainwhiskers and Freezecobra as two SEs they feature at least once a year. Captainwhiskers helps people beat a large number of events and Freezecobra helps people counter lots of things in PvP.

It would also be great to see Santabeast come out each Christmas. I don’t think that’s been possible to get since the first ever Christmas in the game. As much as we go for powerful things, completion is nice too :wink:


How dare you not include Jackal in that list.
He is top tier and hasn’t been featured in years.

Captain Whiskers is awesome but has been featured twice since I started playing just over a year ago. I still want new players to get him but not a priority

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Agree with KDs list plus blue flutter

Whoops, completely forgot to add Jackalhotep. I’ve added it to the list now. I didn’t check the monsters people had mentioned properly.

Captainwhiskers is a crucial one for players to have I think. It gives a way to beat a large number of events. I think it should be marked down as a special case that they release it in an event at least once a year for new players to grab. Same for Freezecobra since that can be used in PvP to very effectively counter a large number of things.

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Santabeast +1