Can we have an egg schedule?

As somebody who’s been waiting now for months for another Aethereon egg, it would be really helpful to have a general idea when mythics were going to appear in eggs.

I’d think the schedule for each month would be pretty reasonable. It can even include the little question mark symbol for mythics that haven’t been released yet.

I think the legends can still be kept as a surprise. It would just be monumentally helpful to players to have a general sense of when a specific mythic is coming back around. F2P could get a better idea of how long it’ll take to actually awaken something, which would quell a lot of their concerns.

Keeping the players informed is always helpful!


Dude we get banners every 3 days. That would be A real nightmare to keep up

It’s too much for someone to put 12 monsters on a list once a month?


An intern could do that in 2 minutes, that’s not a nightmare.


If it’s dated I don’t see why it would be.

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I can’t see the devs going for it though. They probably don’t want people saving up because they know something’s coming a month or a few weeks down the line. But it would be nice

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I can’t see the Devs ever doing this. One of the reasons people will hatch on eggs while they’re out is because they don’t know what all their other options are. If we know what’s coming up (even if it’s just mythics) then more people will save for a particular egg in the future. Keeping the egg schedule hidden is one of the ways games like this get more out of the player base without being obviously exploitative.


Ryan (@Developer) doesn’t like spending money on Neo, so I think an unpaid intern would be a great solution here!

That being said, idk the specifics of Japan labor laws, so it may not happen


The legends are still a mystery though.

I think a lot of players already have specific monsters they go for. If you don’t have the self-control not to roll every egg, idk what to tell you. Most players that want a certain monster save for that monster anyway.

This is purely a quality of life boost for all the players.


I like this idea. Ive been waiting for kirina, i need one ome egg to awakened her


I agree with you but the reality is there are a lot of people who don’t have the self control. There’s just not really any benefit for the company here, only a negative.

In terms of having certain mythics/legendaries featured, we’ve had people request it on the forum and the Devs listen. I’d say if you want a particular monster and it hasn’t been featured for a while then make a post tagging VKC.

Perhaps we should have a thread called “Which monster to feature soon” that people post in. The rule could be people can’t spam monster names in there. They need to first ask if the monster had been featured recently. If it hasn’t, it can be posted with a tag to VKC.

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Yeah or we could just have an idea when mythics are going to be in eggs. Anybody that’s rolling right when they see a new egg is going to keep doing it when they see mew legends in an egg.

Spamming VKC with egg requests will just be annoying.

That said, aethereon hasn’t been featured in a MINUTE @Dev_VKC





A banner with Jaguardian or spectrophin? @Dev_VKC

You are a quack @NMEduck

lul if they gave a schedule of when the awakened mythics would be featured I’d likely be playing with an awakened focalforce this pvp season