Can someone help me build a powerful team?

I’ve been playing this game for months but still don’t have a powerful team,can someone help me build??

What do you have so far?

Here is the image…
Here is the image

Legends say the image still has to be found

I want to know what teams you have built, not what you have to build stuff out of.


You really don’t know how to post images here, right ?

Stay tuned for the next one

In order to post images, you first have to host them on a filesharing site. The most reliable one is probably imgur: upload the picture on there and it will give you a URL. You can then click on the little green box in the taskbar of the text box on here to post the URL and it’ll post the image.

Alternatively there’s a program called ShareX that does all of this for you when you screenshot part of your screen. Like this.


Here’s my team,
Pls,help me build

You lack any form of protection in that team

Yeah,that’s why I need help
Anyone? Help me

Yeah, once Mechaviathan and Shadowyrm go down, any stun oriented team is going to completely bury you. I recommend ditching Pyrokaizer and Sunlord since they’re very mediocre monsters, and possibly Nebelronix too, and replace them with Sweettroll and SE stun absorbers. Absolutely nothing beats those things at keeping you safe from those nasty shockers.(Except Emeraldont and Utopion of course, but them we can ignore.)

See when I look at that my first thought is “where is the win condition”. You have good monsters but they don’t have much synergy with each other, and you have few ways of actually getting stuff to work.

If it was up to me I would start off with Jackal, warca, sweetroll and a fast one-on-one user (I usually default to crimgaroo which has about 80 speed and is not too difficult to get hold of, any similar monster is fine), with shiva in the 16 slot. Then you can sleep everything, swap in shiva with Jackal and purify the sleep off your team, leaving them with one monster awake and you with 300 free seconds to do whatever you want. That not only lets you set up warca but is far more resilient than your current line. After that from about slots 5 to 9 I’d go with mechaviathan, any SE absorber, galvbane, rexotyrant and deathgazer. Assuming the sleep has gone well you should have the deathgazer passive up by then (and if it hasn’t then you’re probably going to lose anyway). Tiamazus makes a nice 10 for the synergy with deathgazer, and then after for slots 11-15 probably SE absorber, geartyrant, Shadowyrm, any stun bomber and then Nebil. It’s not amazing but given what you have it will at least slow the game down and extract some value. Your late game will be slow af but you’re resistant to a lot of common endings. If you find yourself getting stunned a lot during this part then move the last SE back a few spaces, the legend stunners send themselves to the back of the team so having an absorber near the end is crucial. 

thanks so much for the help I will try it:)