Devs probably got fastidious and didn’t bother to pull up a list of all the stun moves in the game. Should be an easy fix in the upcoming update.


I got into an infinite time loop today on the biweekly mission fighting an undead army… kinda ridiculous.

Also does every monster seem to have a random shield now or what’s up?


The shields might come from Dusicyon or a dying Nebel or Cosmo


I encountered a bug, that allowed me to instantly win the fight. I had a Soulstealer that activated death sentence all 1sec before my oponent soul stealer activated his Death sentence all. I then used One on One skil to ensure Death sentence would activate. Both skills obviously activated within a sec of each other and immediately finished the fight while my oponent still had an entire team of monsters left. Since mine went off first i was the victor. The effects of both moves registered so quickly that they seemed to happen simultaneously.


Just got the 400 second bug in fire dungeon of whales treasure. I used Shiva crescendo strike to kill mojinator and instead of him getting revenge, he just died and all monsters got their turn in proper order without actually getting to do anything and then all monsters went to 400s and it froze.


Please fix exploding cat. Shouldnt crash the game when you decide to kill 4 of them instantly .
example: super challenge battle 2 first difficulty, use drakolordZ to purifying mist and link sneak attack all with zhulong and watch the cat-plosion. I manage to see 2.5 cats explode before the game crashed :rofl:

If anyone uses him in pvp ill just let 4 be cloned then kill them all at once to see who will get disconnected first!! :smiling_imp:


Mines even better. Heres mine. Was plaged by chest and bronze shell so when chests turn came up i detonated it. And it killed itself and a shell and it got me stuck in the infinite 400 TU loop. I think my reinforments might of just been too scared to come out. personally i thought i was going to win this one though.

PS, was also whales about 4 hours ago, plant difficulty 4 almost last match.
Interesting to note but while it was in the loop i tried to change the speed by pressing the x3 speed arrow and nothing happened.


Minor mistake: Valzareign secret skill unlock needs an Aeromid instead of a Luxmid.


Hogfire got a new buff stunning all monsters for 400 seconds each time it gets its turn ignoring stun abosrb.

Also this guu got buff too


Final battle on floor 100 in DC and met this bug.


Yup bug happened to me again, but in dungeon challenge!!! I don’t think I’m going to keep going. I waste so much time to fight a million battles and then this freaking happens and you got to start from the beginning! BS


From a japanese player. Bravo.


Everybody needs 10 compensation gems to account for the time and/or tickets wasted by stun loop glitch! :wink:


Just show you how buggy the new legend is:

Try SCB master level with any last biter. You’ll see how Moonglider enters the battlefield to stick your game forever until making the app crash. @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC

It is very possible because of that unique move vs. stun immune monsters.


Yupp. Happened to me twice as well in the Dungeon Challenge. Stopped at Level 83 because of all the wasted time. Not fun at all…