Freeze is kill you


So i want to say this bug make me tired
I’m trying few beweekly mission and 2 time failed because freeze not defeated.
So my advice for dev this game should do maintenance one day full for fix this problem. Than many player disappointed from this game. Maybe some player will quit from this game if bug still exist.
Thanks before


We are deeply sorry for causing trouble and inconvenience.
This is very tricky and hard to recreate it.
Once we find out the solution we will release an emergency patch for it.

Could you simply explain what move you did in the image you attached? (who enters the field, who just died, etc…)

You said 2 time failed, did it happen on the same situation?

Thank you.


Mostly happens with stun/shock entrance in what I observed


@N17_ZER0 They’re hiring devs right now, you seem qualified, you should apply!


Same happened to me when one of my stun monsters entered the field or I should say attempted to enter.


Thanks for respond
Monster with passive skill stun entrance, shocking entrance, stun revenge and sleep entrance that always make freeze
In that picture i kill wolfrozen and got stun revenge but freeze.
Yes thats in same situation if monster with skill stun is coming into battlefield


No bro… i busy with my job :slight_smile:


For the purpose of bug tracking…

Would this be the same bug? Flarevern had a turn just before where it used poison touch on the Noxegg. I clicked “hatch phoenix” AS SOON as I got the turn but then the game froze for a few seconds and pushed my Noxegg to 400s.

Maybe the 400s bug is something to do with people inputting actions before the game has caught up and is ready for them? If that action results in monsters entering the field dealing stun/sleep then it can make it freeze. Or if it’s done while poison ticks are making the game pause then it briefly freezes and puts that particular monster to 400s.

Just an idea.


Hey guys,

We have found one thing that was causing this bug, and also had the same symptoms as most of the reports of this bug. We have fixed this, but are still searching for other possible causes, but I am confident this will fix the majority, if not all cases.




Happened to me a little while ago also in SCB. Right when I was about to win the battle… I’ll post it if it happens again.


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