Buff frostmoroz


Because he is an old man, that’s why we gave him broken heart.


He used to have a beautiful wife. But then a wild Freezecobra appeared and 1 shot her with detox strike.


Woah that’s deep! I thought this game was for kids!

@Boilertribe Believe me, I want the meta to change. I hate poison because it’s crazily killing with almost every move… it feels like a coin is being tossed to see who wins. However, killing off a whole strategy by adding a poison counter monster which protects your entire team from it is brutal. I’m pretty sure people want fewer overpowered things in the game.


This game gives you a gem as a reward for hitting on Lily or specifically her dress. She also has a oh-so obvious crush on us. Definitely Child friendly.

P.S i want steamy action between us


How do you see stun counter as acceptable but poison counter as OP? (Actually asking lol)


Look at a monster like Malwing. Tranquilising entrance (a stun) and the moveset has reckless timestrike (benefits from stun) but also has dreamhunt and bloodcrave. The stun is handy for team support but not necessary for the monster to play.

Look at a monster like Freezecobra. Every move relies on poisoning the enemy or your own team in order to do damage and auto-poison will trigger “poison counter” every time an enemy enters the field.

It’s a similar story across most of the poison monsters. Only a few of them have blood moves and those that do firstly need kills with their poison moves. Poison immunity is already a very tough thing for poison monsters to deal with. Monsters with stunning entrance or stun revenge typically have it tagged on as an additional thing to their moveset.

An additional point… without protection from stun your team can be taken out of the game very easily. The way it pushes monsters back and allows the other team to get loads more turns is very powerful. Just look at the early-game where you can use stun bombs and stun bursters to completely dominate the field once you’ve got a couple of good sweepers! However, things like poison don’t control the field. All they do is set up some quick, reliable kills quickly (through hold ground, shields, etc.) and counter things like clones and stealth.


I support your idea 100%


Titanmoth? Overwatch purify. Poison counter?


I was referring to the action with Lily


Because this game is kid friendly I dont think the Devs would do that. Although if they did I wouldn’t complain.


And you wondered why @NMEGaryOak is called bane dragon , smh


@Phantom00 do you know where to find Lily hentai online? I can’t seem to find anything with google


That’s because the community is too small. We haven’t got quite enough neck beards


It’s only for a very select few of us; the people in the Whatsapp group. If you ask Zardecil kindly he may let you into the group. If he tells you “there is no Whatsapp group” then I’m sorry but you need to grow some facial hair.


What whatsapp group?

Lol I don’t even HAVE a whatsapp.


I wouldn’t have a clue myself.


Omg omg can I get a super special invite guys?


@Phantom00 I love your profile pic!! It makes me happy.


Y’all are perverts


Yes we are. We is a bunch of guys