Anniversary Bonus Monster "Houdinoid" is cool.

Great monster for coming in with roaring entrance and rescuing a stunned teammate. His shield steal counters Duscy a little. Duscy has been hit hard lately. I like this new Rockoid. I evolved it and just about to test it in PvP. I’ll see if the 5 cost is justified.

What do you guys think?

Since I stopped using the bloom team, I feel helpless about the stun team. I think this can help me.

I have an area in my team with stun weakness I put him just behind that area.

This is pretty much what you would use purple flutter in a ap spam bloom setup except better for a guaranteed gt

Its very good combined with bloom.

I think i might start using him and save some cost.

You’re right Unown. So far he has only been useful for Bloom. The other monsters are rarely stunned to 200sec. He isn’t the most versatile and will only get one give turn in before getting another chance… He is good but not great. The low cost is the draw card.

AP spam setups are all but dead so he losses a lot of value because of the recent nerf.

My friend, I think you should give up the bloom team, you should feel that all the changes in the new version are unfavorable to bloom and ap.

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I’m not using my AP spam team anymore. Not sure what you mean. What are you talking about?
Bloom is in my FL because he is the best stun absorber I have. If it wasnt bloom it will be willowyrm.

I think I admit the wrong person. I met a player named Zero who still insisted on using the bloom team. I thought that person is you.

Am using bloom aswell and hes doing great still. Ive only lost 2 games so far with my current team where i ended by throwing those games.

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Could do some funny BB aoe spam stuff with this rock :joy:

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Haha, I am ready for popcorn, I am looking forward to this ranking pvp


Lol Zero was me. But I wasn’t using AP spam. Bro I had 3 auto protectors in the team and they were spaced out. Also I’m testing the new Auto Protector. But he is way down the middle behind BB.

Interestingly I had him right behind BB

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Watch out this ranked PvP they are all gonna be after you. Looks like you are locked and loaded though. I will aim for top 50 again.

Let them come am gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

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Normally I’m the one picking out some use while others have all focused on some other aspect. I too think the main use of this monster is to make stun absorbers more viable, which is a very good thing. Slap it into a team a short while after your stun absorber and it’ll help stop it from becoming stunned to oblivion as well as if the absorber has been killed and your team stunned it can help you recover from that.

You guys are all mentioning Bloomeluga but the monster I’m thinking about is XYZ-999L. So far the only way I’ve seen it as viable is with a stun counter, but this little rock can help it work.

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After my test, it actually performed very badly and did not meet my expectations.

It’s hard to position well. Sometimes it comes on the field and can’t do anything. When positioned perfectly it’s good. I’m still testing him.