So I have not heard anything for a week regarding the loss of several mons from the rewards section after the initial update before even updating to 2.24.2.
I tried claiming them from the rewards section when my screen went black, the game crashed and they are considered claimed in my rewards box (empty rewards box), but not actually added to my account in my inventory.
Support has not responded and it doesn’t look like any attempt has been made to fix this at all. I understand the devs themselves are busy and the update is a nightmare to handle. However after quite a bit of time most issues are resolved while others they may not be aware of slips under the radar. Please just show some kind of response other than complete silence because that’s all I am getting.

The monsters:
Arahasis, Aurazur, Halodrei

IGN: Kirisune
Friend code: 85001748
Tickets used: 12 6 star tickets. Neo ticket.


ahh damn, really sorry to hear you are still out man, ik the feel lol when my wifi is out or i have an outage, im sure our devs will make it up to you, dont lose hope

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

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Just to be clear, this thread isn’t the kind of thread demanding help(speaking to manager karen style) thread. I don’t mind waiting a queue if any but I don’t want to take the chance and not get helped 'specially after a week of drama XD.
It’s definitely a case of no news is bad news.
So thread is just here so it is seen clearly and to be referred to.


@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD help da man pls

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@Kirisune Your issue has been fixed.