Lost some mons in the mail...

So I gave my account to a friend a few days ago to just help with login rewards, hatches and ultra evolve quest. I uninstalled my game to make sure nothing went wrong and my friend did the same afterwards. We took screenshots of the whole process and such. With my neo ticket I bought an Aurazur, and with my 6 star tickets an Atrahasis. I also claimed the Halodrei from anniversary news page. After making sure I can open my account again, my phone struggled to connect to server and all of the above mentioned monsters were missing, however all the hatched monsters are still there. The gems are still updated and all the tickets I used is considered used already. Meaning I have zero neo tickets, Reduced 6 star tickets and 40 less gems than I would initially have before hatching.

IGN: Kirisune
Friend code: 85001748