So, I have been playing for about 3 months and acquired 3 legendary monsters, all of which need a cryptamid and omegrid to evolve… the omegrid is easy enough to get, but I’ve only got one cryptamid, from the pyramid section… it says you can get them in online events? Anyone know when, and what events this is? And anyone know the odds of getting them from the pyramids? I got one the first time I done a pyramid mission a few months back, and have gotten at least 10 aquamids, noxmids, and pyrromids each. And 5 each of the others. They seem to be one of the hardest items to acquire…

Yeah they are really rare. You can get them sometimes in SBC when the event legendary monster needs a Criptamid. Other than that I don’t think in usual events like UC or IC you can get it

They used to be attainable very often through the Challenge 2 / Master Difficulty of Super Challenge Battle, but for some strange reason they didn’t appear in it lately… Maybe devs plan to make them rarer than before…
You can still get them from the pyramid ingredient mission, but they are really rare there…
Luckily I still have enough of them in reserve.

Well, my favorite legendary takes one and a voorabook. I didn’t know how rare they were when I used the only one I had gotten, I guess I know where all my tickets will be going from now on. And do they ever do a special event like the molith or the crown, only for the cryptamid? Legendaries are hard enough to come by themselves, I’ve spent a good bit of out of pocket money to get the ones I have… I wish they’d give you an option when they do the special events to pick between like a voorabook, cryptamid, omegrid or a crown…that way everyone gets use out of the event, cause I don’t even have anything that takes a crown but yet they’ve had 2 events recently for them!

I need a Cryptamid for my Jingledragon!!! Its the only ingredient that I need! Help me! :’(

dont waste it on Jingle. He’s ■■■■

it took me more than 80 tries to get my cryptamid .

Could this be emeraldeus?
Was my first legendary and along rexo my favourite one.
Obtaining the ingredients to ultra-evolve was a pain in the ****.

I know but not that ****y, just a lil and he’s my only leg as of the moment. :3

Sure is!! I will have everything EXCEPT the cryptamid, when I do the omegrid on the super power up challenge! So I’m getting really anxious to get another cryptamid! The 2 other legendaries, Valzagaurd and Shivadragon, both take cryptamid and omegrids.

They’re actually giving them as a prize for winning level 46 of the ultimate challenge battle! I got one tonight! :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️

Good for you, haven’t reached that level yet, will do it later after work. (I can now evolve my jingle dragon and give it its secret skill)