Bovolcus final battle

Wowza. This fellow is mean in the flesh.

FOR me,This is the one of hard chapter I ever encounter… that merciless deathmatch mode!!!

So emeraldeus death mark does not work on him. Nor does it appear that sudden death or death roulette do either. Hmm

Easy as pie lol won first attempt with team catered to it

I won the match…except no screenshot to prove it…LOL…

I finish it also…not only you guys…lol!!

What kind of pie is that lochi? haha

The delicious kind
The end battle screenshot lava dude killed by a tree stump the irony :joy::joy:

I relied on Rexo + unwanted friend again + give turn + team turn - three bronzeshells down allows you to two shot bovolcus to HG. 

:[ I got pied

Beat him on first try. I have more trouble on 4th battle, before the final form.

Squeaked by with a rexo, emer, death chicken bloodfury + luck combo

any tactic tipps? i feel, like i am not able to beat him this time, its harder then methaterion

I ended up loading the back end of my team with risky heal - bloodfury - risky - blood fury - protector - blood fury. Not very clean but it did work.

Well, just returned from work, passed it by chance. To me, it is not as easy as other said, maybe I am too stupid :P ~~

Use autopoison to get to the autoprotectors, then kill them to get bloodthirst+bloodflury with shadowhunter and death chic.Also use purifers/heal all/ stun absorbers.
The first one has faststrike,death match, poison burst, lifeflip and double bloodthirsty.

Finally beat this hard battle.
Strange when i pass i didnt lose any monster at final fight

This is one hell of a fight. Its Deathmode at 50 TU is just insane. The only thing I could think of that would actually make a decent amount of damage is Bloodthirst.

I finished it with valzareign and wraith captain.

I have him and ultra evolved him but don’t know how to effectively use him yet. I’m still trying to pass the 3rd one.