Bonus Action Bug (Not enemy teams, your team!)

So, this ever happen to you?

You get a bonus action, then all of a sudden, its the enemies team? What im saying is sometimes when I get a bonus action it doesn’t give me the bonus action and automatically switches to the enemy team’s turn.

Im not sure if this is just from enemies being faster then mine, or just too much TU, but Im guessing this is a glitch. This has been a major problem for me, forcing me to lose against some First Ones multiple times along with wild battles and side quests.


This can happen if you kill an enemy with stun skin. If you get stunned after killing it, then even if you get a bonus action you won’t get to use it and it will go to the enemy’s turn. 

Now if it happened against a first one that you didn’t kill yet, then I’m not so sure… I don’t remember that.

What monsters are you useing that this happens too?

Well it happened for me the most against a Narlance (Weird) and a Beowolf and some others I cant remember. Also, the only First Ones it was for were Dahag and Demolucin or something (“Administator of First Ones”)

Oh im using a Soltusk, Hydrowrym, and Raptorex. I basically only use these so it only happens to these 3

Against first ones??? Thats a bug… how often does this happen?

Well it doesnt happen often, maybe like once every 50-100 battles? Not very often, but should’nt be happening with first ones and narlances

Just happend against a Bluetail… Makes no sense because I know for SURE Bluetail does not have stun skin.

Do you lag before this happens?


Hm… I see. I hope this gets fixed soon, or at least have an explanation for it.

unlucky. Don’t think i’ve had this problem

I sure do hope so

Huh. I’ve had this problem too.

Had the same issue several times