Bonus action??

I noticed it now in normal game and in pvp. How is it sometimes you get a bonus attack yet the opponent still goes before you. It just happened then in pvp my typhonwyrm killed 3 arks using storm I got a bonus then all of my opponents arks went before me. What’s point in bonus if it doesn’t always work

I’ve had that happen to me as well  :frowning: Frustrating…

Yeah it is it completely takes away the point in even having a bonus action if you get one and still don’t get the next turn

This is indeed very irritating, i had this alot with the last OM

Is it a bug?

I’ve encountered this as well. not too sure if it’s a bug, it does feel like on though. I think my biggest dissapointment is getting a bonus action when killing a creature with stun skin but having it still be stunned(this may be intended though, just hoping I’d bonus through through the stun =D )

yes, its caused by stun skin, and ability that some monsters, like chopperbug has

I think bonus should override it. Bonus is luck but stun skin always happens

That’s one of the strategic points of stun skin - being able to stop bonus action chains. With that being said, though, bonus actions will be capped to one max in the update.