Hey guys what do you think of blitzdragon as monster obtainable in next survival of fittest?

I don’t mind, it’s a good mon that many missed when the game was only just fully established.

He’s one of my favorite SE monsters alongside shinobidragon.they’re look damn cool and great for SE monsters.
Wait…how did you know he’ll be the next survival of the fittest?

I don’t is just a suposition

Well, shinobidragon should be up next, since he was the second event SE they came out with, and blitz was third. So, they most likely will keep up that pattern.

I thought it was the other way around.

No, it was online league with Gaiawolf, then the tower with shino, then the league with blitz, then the tower with caniswyrm. I specifically remember.

you forgot willowyrm

Wait, what? When was that? I don’t remember him coming out. It must’ve been before Gaiawolf, right? Because that’s the first one I remember.

I hope its shinobidragon

willowyrm was a tower event in february if I remember correctly.

It was chimeraxus, willowyrm, shinobidragon, blitzdragon, caniswyrm.

It follows no Order the event monsters are random

I hope the next is shinobidragon

Shino was my first event (which I managed to scrape in the top 700 somehow, despite having a relatively weak team). The first two are just carbon copies of other mons though - Gaiawolf was the first ‘unique’ reward. Seems I got quite lucky I started playing when I did.

A legendary Mon in challenge but hard to get

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If I could make a vote it would be for Blitz! Dang I hate it that I missed this guy…

What are his abilities

stunning enterance, timestrike, purify and step back.