Biweekly freaking challenge

For the love of everything good, can someone please give me some tips on the fourth column second fight. The one with Aurodragon and Drako. It’s the only one I haven’t beaten… how tf do you beat that one?! The most unbalanced fight ever.

Just gave it another try myself and managed to do it. I agree it’s a ridiculous fight with the team you have.

The way I did it was to get lucky with Sleep All from the Arborgias (use the GT to get a second use). With two uses I managed to sleep all four monsters then used TDS on the ones not already dying from Geartyrant. I ended up with LOADS of monsters being reincarnated including two Tenebris which made the end of the fight irritating but manageable. So after those enemies went down I did my best to kill off the monsters that came in and got lots of kills with Geartyrant.

At the point my monsters died was when the enemy team got to their poison monsters. Then my poison massacre legendary managed to get some kills and the Lordsreign one-shot a couple of monsters (target Deathgazer I would). Again my team got swept and left with the final four monsters. I cloned my way to victory from there and managed to pull off two Double Energy Bursts.

I hope that helps give you an idea of things. I’d say being lucky with Sleep All at the start is probably important to get ahead and try to run Geartyrant for as long as possible. I was a little bit lucky with the choice of targets the poison monsters made, I think, but with repeated attempts I’m sure you could have the same thing happen.

That’s was the hardest one for me too. I did record it so hopefully you can get some tips from there.